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Anesth Pain Med 2017 Oct;12(4):291-407
Clinical application of intravenous anesthetic infusion with use of a pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic model in children
Hee-Soo Kim
Anesth Pain Med 2017 Oct;12(4):291-6
Radiation exposure and protection for eyes in pain management
Min Jung Kim, and Jae Hun Kim
Anesth Pain Med 2017 Oct;12(4):297-305
Current clinical application of dexmedetomidine for sedation and anesthesia
Doo Sik Kim, Hyo-seok Na, Ji-hyang Lee, Young Duck Shin, Jae-Kwang Shim, Hye Won Shin, Hyoseok Kang, and Kyoung-Woon Joung
Anesth Pain Med 2017 Oct;12(4):306-19
Anesthetic Pharmacology
Clinical Researches
Comparison of several dosing schedules of intravenous dexmedetomidine in elderly patients under spinal anesthesia
Jong Hoon Yeom, Dae-woong Ahn, and Kyoung Hun Kim
Anesth Pain Med 2017 Oct;12(4):320-5
Propacetamol as an alternative of ketorolac for postoperative pain management using patient-controlled analgesia
Sang Gyun Kim, Jihyun An, Ji-Hyang Lee, Eunju Kim, Sang-Gon Lee, and Kwangsuk Sim
Anesth Pain Med 2017 Oct;12(4):326-34
Pediatric Anesthesia
Case Reports
Experience with reversal of a neuromuscular block with sugammadex in a child with Prader–Willi syndrome - A case report -
Tae-Yun Sung, Taehoon Kang, Choon-kyu Cho, Hee Uk Kwon, Po-Soon Kang, and Young Seok Jee
Anesth Pain Med 2017 Oct;12(4):335-8
Successful use of C-MAC® video laryngoscope following failure of multiple intubation attempts during laryngomicroscopic surgery in an infant – A case report –
Bong Jin Kang, Hyungseok Seo, and Sun-hong Lee
Anesth Pain Med 2017 Oct;12(4):339-41
Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia
Clinical Research
Hemodynamic response to tracheal intubation and postoperative pharyngeal morbidity using GlideScope®, Lightwand and Macintosh laryngoscopes during remifentanil infusion
Yeong Gwan Jeon, Jihyoung Park, Myeong Hoon Kim, Woo Jin Choi, June Ho Choi, and Kwang Ho Lee
Anesth Pain Med 2017 Oct;12(4):342-7
Case Reports
Acute coronary artery obstruction after aortic valve replacement surgery and role of transesophageal echocardiography
Myung-Soo Jang, Jeong-Hyun Choi, Jin-Hee Han, Young In Choi, Jae-Min Kim, and Hyo Chul Youn
Anesth Pain Med 2017 Oct;12(4):348-51
Intraoperative ventilation and hemodynamic change due to bladder perforation during transurethral resection of a bladder tumor - A case report -
Mijung Yun, Gunn Hee Kim, Seung Young Lee, Hana Cho, Byunguk Kim, Min Seok Koo, and Mi-Young Kwon
Anesth Pain Med 2017 Oct;12(4):352-6
Spinal Pain
Clinical Researches
Effect of needle approach to the axillary artery on transarterial axillary brachial plexus block quality
Young Jin Chang, Dong Chul Lee, Young Jun Oh, Dong Hun Ha, and Mi Geum Lee
Anesth Pain Med 2017 Oct;12(4):357-62
The effects of epidural versus intravenous patient-controlled analgesia on postoperative outcomes in elderly patients who have undergone gastrectomy: a retrospective trial
Yun-kwang Kim, Ji Heui Lee, Seok Hee Kang, Yongjoon Choi, Ji-yeon Lee, So Young Lee, Su-Nam Lee, Eun-Ju Lee, and Cheong Lee
Anesth Pain Med 2017 Oct;12(4):363-70
Case Reports
A comparison between the right side and the left side of head skin in a patient who received more than 450 sessions of left stellate ganglion block - A case report -
Sung Man Hong, Byeong Chul Park, Jae Gyok Song, and Gwan Woo Lee
Anesth Pain Med 2017 Oct;12(4):371-4
Oblique interlaminar lumbar epidural steroid injection for management of low back pain with lumbosacral radicular pain - A case report -
Gyeong-Jo Byeon, Eun-Ji Choi, Yun-Mi Choi, Eun-Jung Chang, Hye-Jin Kim, and Kyung-Hoon Kim
Anesth Pain Med 2017 Oct;12(4):371-4
General Article
Clinical Researches
Predicting the optimal minimal cuff volume of the laryngeal mask airway from physical examination parameters
Go Eun Bae, Hye Won Shin, Hyong Hwan Lim, Bum Jun Ju, and Yoo Kyung Jang
Anesth Pain Med 2017 Oct;12(4):381-7
Effect of short-term prewarming on body temperature in arthroscopic shoulder surgery
Kwang-seob Shin, Guie Yong Lee, Eun Hee Chun, Youn Jin Kim, and Won Joong Kim
Anesth Pain Med 2017 Oct;12(4):388-93
Case Reports
Intraoperative airway obstruction caused by dissection of the internal wall of a reinforced endotracheal tube - A case report -
Yuseon Cheong, Beomsang Hwang, Innam Kim, Tsongbih Chang, Seongsik Kang, and Minsoo Kim
Anesth Pain Med 2017 Oct;12(4):394-7
Quadriplegia as a position-related complication after parotidectomy: the need for cooperation between anesthesiologists and surgeons when positioning patients - A case report -
Sung-Min Shim, Jae-Ho Park, Dong-Min Hyun, Sang-Hyeon Cho, and Hwa-Mi Lee
Anesth Pain Med 2017 Oct;12(4):398-401
Severe respiratory depression precipitated by unrecognized gastric perforation during endoscopic submucosal dissection under deep sedation - A case report -
Go-Eun Kim, Sang Hyun Lee, In Sun Chung, Eunji Lee, Hyun Su Shin, and Ji-won Choi
Anesth Pain Med 2017 Oct;12(4):402-7
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Anesthetic management of a patient with Arnold-Chiari malformation type I with associated syringomyelia -A case report-
Tai-Yo Kim, Cheol Lee, and Ji-Na Kim
Sample size determination for repeated measures design using G Power software
Hyun Kang
Received October 8, 2014; Accepted December 19, 2014.
Generalized tonic-clonic seizure following spinal anesthesia for Cesarean section with bupivacaine -A case report-
Hye Jin Kim, Mi-Young Kwon*, Hye-Joo Kang*, Min Seok Koo*, Jong Cook Park, and Myung Ae Lee*
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