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Transfusion-related acute lung injury in a parturient diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome - A case report -
Anesth Pain Med 2019;14(1):35-9
Published online January 31, 2019
© 2019 Korean Society of Neuroscience in Anesthesiology and Critical Care.

Tae-Yun Sung , Young Seok Jee , Seok-jin Lee , Hwang Ju You , Ki Soon Jeong , and Po-Soon Kang
Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Konyang University College of Medicine, Daejeon, Korea
Correspondence to: Young Seok Jee, M.D., Ph.D. Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Konyang University College of Medicine, 158 Gwanjeodong-ro, Seo-gu, Daejeon 35365, Korea Tel: 82-42-600-9319 Fax: 82-42-600-9398 E-mail:
Received April 27, 2018; Revised June 26, 2018; Accepted August 2, 2018.
cc This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Transfusion-related acute lung injury (TRALI) is defined as a new episode of acute lung injury that occurs during or within 6 hours of a completed transfusion, which is one of the leading causes of transfusion-related morbidity and mortality. We present a case of TRALI in a 29-year-old parturient with myelodysplastic syndrome scheduled for cesarean section. The parturient developed hypoxemia and dyspnea after preoperative transfusion of platelets following apheresis to eliminate a unit of leucocyte in order to correct thrombocytopenia. She underwent emergent caesarean section for fetal distress. After surgery, the chest radiograph showed diffuse haziness of both lung fields. Direct and indirect antiglobulin tests were negative, and hemolytic transfusion reaction was ruled out. Pro-BNP 347.3 pg/ml also excluded transfusion-associated circulatory overload. The parturient completely recovered after oxygen support for 2 days. It is important to recognize TRALI as soon as possible to minimize perioperative morbidity and mortality.

Key Words : Cesarean section, Dyspnea, Myelodysplastic syndrome, Transfusion-related acute lung injury

July 2019, 14 (3)
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